We are in this together!

Here, Vanessa Brito, yogi, yoga therapist since 2002 and a mother of two amazing souls. 

Recently in the Netherlands, and now in love with Amsterdam, I decided to create "Prana Hub", a space where people can feel trust and openness to expand their vitality, awareness in a joyful connection with  themselves and life.

My mission is to continue spreading yoga and integrative therapies, wherever I go, seeing it as a sacred and scientific way of living and benefiting from all the beautiful ancient teachings.

I truly believe those methods are for human beings who want to transcend their condition, who want courage, vital energy and light to be able to see and be true to their nature, immune to all the illusions surrounding them.

The core of my work comes from my own experiences, courses and studies in ancient hatha yoga, vedanta, ayurveda, shamanism, morphogenetic field movement, biohacking, breathwork, biomagnetic pair therapy and neuroscience of meditation.

My purpose and commitment to you is to guide, educate and facilitate your process of achieving the best version of yourself. Your results are also my results. Your progress and freedom is also my progress and freedom.


It is a joy to be part of your beautiful conscious journey. Thank you!


Available Services 

Below you will find the services I offer. 

Sessions may be booked directly by phone

+31 649 629 703 or 


*You can find more information about the therapies in my Blog.

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Qualification & Accreditation 

*Brazil 2001; 2003. 500+ Hours. Trained as Yoga teacher  -
*India 2004; 2010; 2014. 500+ Hours. Trained as Raja Yoga/ Heartfulness Meditation Trainer -
*USA 2008. Trained as Kids Yoga Teacher. Yogibeans -
*Brazil 2015; 2016; 2017. Philosophy of Yoga & Vedanta -

*Brazil 2016 Shamanic Breathing Therapy Training  
*Brazil 2016 - Present. Founder/Director of Yogashanti  -
*Brazil 2016. Ayurveda Course With Vaidya Dr. Pardeep Sharma from the Institute:
*Brazil 2017. Vedanta -
*Netherlands 2019. Workshop "Human by Design" with Gregg Braden.

*Neuroscience and Epigenetics of Meditation. With Dr. Joe Dispenza.

*Barcelona 2022. Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. Intituto Izaac Goiz Duran.




"At some point consciousness, body and breath fit together making your practice special, and you finally understand what Yoga is. I was guided and immersed in Yoga through my mentor Vanessa Brito, who in a fluid way always showed me the way to the next point. I step into a posture, breathe at a given moment, and that makes the expansion of consciousness possible. Making every teaching that came to me through Vanessa conscious and executable, was a milestone in my life." 
Photographer, 32, @duranteraphael

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